Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Fuller Method for Fart Analysis (Fuller, 2010)

A highly complex process:

1) hold fart between thumb and forefinger.

2) with the thumb and forefinger of the hand separate the fibers of the fart*.

3) Repeat this process for a number of farts acquired at each field location.

4) combine and thoroughly mix fibers from all farts.

5) sub-sample 5g of fart fibers and place in glass beaker

6) add 100ml of deionised water and mix thoroughly for two minutes and leave for one hour

7) filter fart mixture through Whatman 42 filter paper (this may take some time)

8) the acquired solution can now be subjected to rigorous chemical analysis (such as nitrate, phosphate, conductivity, pH) using standard laboratory methods.

* If the fart is particularly sandy use the Patmore (2010) Peel Method.

Results to follow...bet you can't wait!

This group went for the supersize red umbrella...

...who says students at UCL aren't privileged?

Collecting farts

Day Three and I have finally started to embrace the inner geographer within me. It rained, I got muddy, and I collected samples in big plastic sample bags. I think I should be awarded the BSc (Hons) Geography on my return to UCL.

Rooting around...

...what a waste of time!

Monday, 8 November 2010

The farce, sorry force, is strong with this one

I'm not sure exactly what was going on here, and was afraid to ask...

Crazy condiments

You should have seen the size of the bottle of vinegar.

Left, left, left, left, left, left.....

This student was found wandering round and round in circles as she was wearing waders with two left feet.

What happens if you forget your red umbrella

A 2:2 for these two as they made the school girl error of forgetting their red umbrellas. Notice, however, their sensible adoption of the precautionary principle resulting in the wearing of life jackets and waders at all times.

red umbrella = standard geography fieldwork equipment

...however, this student appears to have missed the point: it wasn't raining, and she is hiding under trees anyway.

yum yum, but avert your eyes

This geography lark is hungry work. No sign of any students, as they are busy in the field while we are pool side. Ian Patmore is just out of sight, skinny-dipping.


Helene is trying to smuggle this cat back in the van, so we can finally have a Departmental Cat. Ian Patmore is not very happy about the idea as cats can't sing along to Masterdon (check it out at: http://www.mastodonrocks.com/)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Enter the Carrie Bradshaw od Alcudia

This is what I meant to say in my first post but it took a day for three PhDs to set this blog up...


I never signed up for this!

After arriving in the pouring rain and safely escourting 43 students to the hotel, I had a practice driving on the right hand side of the road for the very first time. I stalled twice, and emitted black smoke, but managed to reach the sites I will be taking the students: a beautiful beach, a canal, and a wetland area full of mosquitoes. After dinner, I began my first lesson in GIS, which was all about maps and putting data on maps, and it was difficult, but I remember how to make the map pink.

Something only heard in a convent

These are nun's farts. They are in the sea and are washed ashore onto the beach. I can identify them!